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Can this “EnjoyVity compilation guarantee to improve Your unique life?

Why can we show you within just 5 hours of your precious time to gain step by step many 1000 hours and many more $/€/£/¥/…  

by J.Yves Verheyen

How much do you spend on food, drinks, your look, your health, commuting … - not to mention the countless hours you spend in your car, in front of PC, TV and in your bed? Would you not prefer to invest some hours to improve your mental and physical health and to definitely shape your healthy future?    

Are you among those who want to enhance their life and safeguard that of their beloved ones?

Are you among those 100 million and ever growing number of men and women, wherever you may live, who adapted the modern western way of living and eating and will be or are interested to be over 85 and healthy in just some decades from now.    

Or you are one of the over 220 million Baby Boomers (1945-1960)  in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand (of which 78 million* in US alone),  the 46million (US alone) Generation-X (1965-1980)  and the 70 million (US alone) Generation-Y (1981-1990)?

* The Alzheimer’s Association® estimates that 10 million Boomers in the United States and over 15 million in Europe will develop Alzheimer’s disease. We don’t want that to happen to us, right?

Whatever age you are at now you can seriously benefit from the many subjects laid out in this book. For sure you will benefit much more the younger you are, but only when implementing some or the mayor part of the given knowledge.

We are not talking about cheap 3’ solutions, but if you INVEST the next 30 days starting today some hours of your precious time we show you how to gain step by step many 1000’ and many more money (*).

(*)Expenditures in the United States on health care surpassed $2 trillion in 2006, over eight times the $253 billion spent in 1980. In 2006, U.S. health care spending was about $7,026 per resident and accounted for 16% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). We will not only help the State, which is partly you, to save greatly on this exploding budget, but more important show you how to avoid personally the health care services and its growing costs to you.

The fact that you are reading these lines tells that you are currently involved in healthy living or at least are questioning yourself. Note this is not about a DIET, not Science-Fiction, not a Novel. Here you will discover the path to true self- healing. We will only confirm your frame of mind and bring you clear-cut solutions worth your expectations.



Why you must learn the Enjoyvity concept right now.


f you're like most people, chances are, you will be interested in one or more of the following:  (Check all that apply.)

Learn how to easily and healthy live extra years

Find the missing link in your healthy life puzzle

Understand how to live your dreams not those of others

Think and act towards your life enhancement

Successfully change with  ‘the 7 basic life rules’

Get a unlimited list of genuine top suggestions

Find your way out the health rimbou

Become a trueEnjoyVitalic  for the rest of your life

Stay forever balanced and young

I know, you're probably thinking, "This just can't be true!  How can one book possibly bring all these solutions?”  Well, you have every reason to be skeptical. I know I was. 

     But if you can suspend your disbelief for a moment -- you're about to learn the most amazing full spectrum knowledge anyone could ever possess.  Your life -- or the life of your loved one -- could not only improve but very well depend on this information.
There are more forgotten health secrets than newest revolutionary breakthrough discoveries or healing miracles. Get yourself the fastest, easiest, least expensive and integrative up-to-date information
Rid yourself and your loved ones of practically any disease and become disease immune so you can youthfully age.


Get here your full holistic protocol for self curing.


n the next 5 minutes as you read this article in its entirety and when soon you preview the book risk-free, here are just a few of the closely guarded secrets you'll discover …


Learn about vitality and youthful aging
Learn what will make you succeed to get fit, live healthier and to lose weight
Learn how to get focused again if you get off track
Take action on your personal guidelines for change in your life
Learn about never thought about things that influence your health and emotions
Understand the why of your being around here and now
Learn to ‘COKE
Get a enlightened guidebook to your unique life
Get your motivational quest for life’s answers
Get a list of genuine top practical and doable suggestions.
Start your lifelong education with powerful secrets

All this in a vivid presentation, understandable for any layperson, with over 140 color plates, many tables, maps to enliven the text, dynamic video presentations  and 100-dreds of all needed links.


You have no clue about your puzzle of life yet? Let us hand you some pieces then. You will need them better sooner than later. Do you want to  …

Understand why you crave for foods and how to stop it -- see page 36

Find out about the perfect miracle food which can even be used in restricted diets -- see page 41

What you should do at first while feeling hungry -- see pages 54

How to weapon you against the major life threatening factor -- see pages 57

Find out how this book can’t only change but save your life and this in an all natural way -- see pages 108

Taste unique easy to reproduce healthy recipes based on the Enjoyvity philosophy -- see pages 44

Understand why you gain weight and get the simple formula to counter it -- see pages 35

Learn how to self cure constipation and other digestive disorders, affecting 20% of people  -- see pages 72, 74

Find now solutions for your problems.

EBook (158 pages)

What people are saying about "EnjoyVity-Your Full Spectrum of Life":

"I would definitely recommend it."

"This is a lucid and well researched book. Given that all readers are concerned about their health and their aging, each of you will gain insight into his or hers own health, and learn about sound balanced solutions."  

~ Yves Gillard M.D.

"It really contains so much useful information."

I found the sections on detox-cleaning, aging and healthy drinking especially helpful.  I really found the tips and suggestions very inspiring, positive, and motivating.  Yes, it really contains so much useful information."  

~David Spears, Washington.

”A blue print of anti-aging.”

"In his book, the author draws upon a number of key issues that play a role in both getting and staying healthy. His is an easy to read discourse on healthy living with useful tips along the way. The take home message is that healthy living doesn't have to be difficult. Much of the advice presented is the blue print of anti-ageing and naturopathic clinics, including mine."

~Han van de Braak BSc LicAc MCSP MBAcC, Chartered Physiotherapist, Registered Acupuncturist, Naturopath.

"The texts are comprehensible to everyone."

"The exceptional value of the EnjoyVity work is acknowledged by laypeople as well as by professional health workers.This is an Awesome Book and I was looking for something exactly like it to read. The book is in excellent format, and it gave me many of the answers that I was looking for in alternative medicines. Every family must read this report and keep  it at hand."

~ Ellen Peeters - New York City

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"On a clear and straightforward manner, all facets of humanity are brought under the microscope. The 4-dimensional human being is mapped. Man as body, mindpower, as emotional motivator and spiritual being. ‘Enjoyvity’ is in short for me the book of books."

~ Dr André De Zutter, Otolaryngologist-TNE, allergist, homeopath.

"This book is a must have, must read and must keep.
I can say, that without a doubt, Yves Verheyen’s book is the best investment that anyone   wanting a profitable, healthy and happy long-lasting life could make.   

~ Carlo Schockweiler, Luxembourg

 "A life-changing book that contains the real SECRET"
 "A must-have and a must-read book"
"Truly amazing!"

“This is a Awesome Book and I was looking for something exactly like it to read. The book is in excellent condition, and it gave me many of the answers that I was looking for in alternative medicines.”

I don’t have time for this! 

his is exactly what it is all about at “EnjoyVity”. As we will show you how from day one to earn, gain and find minutes and hours and months even years if you read till the end and are willing to join the positive path shown.
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Do this the first month while or after which you start to implement the, for you most obvious, advices (choose 2, 3 out of the +100 and go step by step) the next 30 days. If after those 60 days you find that the book did not bring you some pieces to your puzzle, report to us and we will refund without further questions.


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 ”Heal yourself with the three pillars of health!” This report contains the DIY “ B.E.C –system” …

  • by Dr. Andre De Zutter, widely acknowledged as the leading expert in holistic health support. He is a certified M.D., TNE, allergist with 50 years practice.
  • He will teach you how to stop stress, choose your diet and to create your own power circuit.   
  • This is astonishing combined information you might not be able to get elsewhere. This little book (20 power-packed pages in 3 quick-read chapters) is guaranteed to be unlike any you've seen and read before.  


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Why ME, why not government, why NOW? 

he huge efforts of life science researchers are largely uncoordinated, science and society do not have a clear overarching goal – to defeat aging. Do you have time to wait for the State to act?  Maybe you owe it to your ancestors to show your children the ‘right’ path. Get a fresh perspective on your world, your environment and especially yourself. Find your intuition, the missing piece of your puzzle of life.

Don’t think twice about owning this unique eBook for a so little investment as it will increase your personal productivity, wellbeing, ... and even your income potential by at least a tenfold and as you know there is no similar uplifting book on the world market today.
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The author and his partner together +105 years young?

Yes, you are reading and seeing it correctly! These are the years we have together so far!  
Yves Verheyen an avid researcher of natural and wholistic approaches to health for the last 40 years -- has also written articles about them as such, he witnessed an endless parade of remedies and therapies go by. An international business-consultant and at the same time the author of ‘Healing water’, an earlier book that teaches all about ‘healthy and pure drinking-water’, and the great value for everyone’s body and skin.
Tropical agriculture engineer, water quality specialist, speaker and business of life consultant. He has been drinking, eating, thinking and living health consciously since decades.
He is anti-dogmatic, and unwavering in his dedication to improve the quality of life of his readers. Telling them to ignore many widely-hyped good-health practices (like staying away from meat, avoiding alcohol or eating like a bird), and start living again by eating REAL whole food, taking some inexpensive herbs or food supplements, and doing the pleasurable things that make life livable. Readers get all this, plus they learn how to burn fat, prevent cancer, boost libido, and so much more.

The author addresses the subject of natural remedies, they don't want you to know about, in this revolutionary new book:    Enjoyvity, Your full spectrum of life! We do not believe in using "in your face" advertising and outlandish claims to sell you our knowledge. We provide you with real facts and documented research.

The Birth of EnjoyVity

You can say that I started Enjoyvity as a solution to the scarcity of sound healthy aging balanced information. There simply are too many seekers needing professional but understandable advices -- and only a handful of expert longevity authors to do the work.
And that's how the Enjoyvity life and health school came into existence.
I condensed all the persuasive healthy techniques that have taken me a lifetime to acquire into ...
... the ‘Enjoyvity, your full spectrum of life’ book -- a one-of-a-kind program with a 21-chapter easy to read lay-out.
Yes we have a meaningful contribution to make. Show there is hope for the generations to come. That we can team up for a better world, a better you and a better us. We want you to stay or re-become optimistic.
Share this life enhancing and life saving information with your family, friends and everyone you care about, who is battling with overweight, cancer, a heart disease or has no health insurance.

For less than half the price of a single flu shot at a doctor's office (which costs $35 to $45)

How good will you feel when you immerse yourself in the
holistic experience that is "Enjoyvity, Your full Spectrum of Life?"

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Heal  yourself with the three pillars of health!                                                                                          By Andre De Zutter M.D., TNE, allergist.

when you get Enjoyvity, Your full Spectrum of Life


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That means you have my personal promise that you will get the value you expect when you download your book, or your money will be promptly returned.
If you are dissatisfied for any reason, just let me know before the 8 weeks is up and you will receive a prompt refund. The eBook is yours to keep, no matter what.

If you are overwhelmed with the information received for the humble $ participation you can always support one of our favorite Children Aid projects.Donate at hungerandthirst.net or savethechildren.org or medecinsdumonde.org

Lets continue our path the “EnjoyVity”- way as we want to add another healthy + years (fill in your figures)!

   Enjoyvitaly yours,




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